Authentic Italian ingredients from Italy, for real Italian taste.


The juiciest Italian vine tomatoes, grown to perfect ripeness on the sun-drenched plains of southern Italy, give authentic Italian flavour to every dish.
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Our Range

Authentic Italian Tomatoes, Passata & Purée, Italian Pasta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Grated Cheese, delicious Pasta Sauces and ’00’ grade flour Pizza Kit make up Cook Italian authentic range.
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pastaPasta Range

Made in Italy by family companies with 3 generation of passion and experience using Italian 100% Durum Wheat, our Pasta range has a shape and type to suit almost every taste.
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Browse our recipes by type of dish to find inspiration and ideas whenever you want to … Cook Italian!


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Ooh – exciting! Real Italian food, really great prices: in Tesco right now, delicious Cook Italian pasta sauces are only £1. And for £2, choose 2 bags of premium Bronze Die Italian pasta; or pick luscious Italian tomatoes at £2 for 4 cans (!). Pizza Kit & Grated Cheese are at £1.35 & best of all, the froth on your cappuccino… our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is back. All delicious, all Italian. Buon appetito! See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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Mehroon GoldenHey, See wh() !s watch!ng y()ur Pr()file :) days ago

Carl Harris JonesThe Tomato and red pepper sauce tastes fantastic as does the peccorino , looking forward to trying all the others . The Cook Italian range is perfect for this time of year with a nice bottle of wine and a good movie5 days ago

Mansel DavidMade some pasta last night using Cook Italian Tomato & Panchetta sauce it was the best full of flavour , rich and creamy, If you were a dinosaur you would be Legendasaurus L&S Thomas James12 hours ago

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Calling Winners… new and old. And everyone is a winner with our recipes at See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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Sharon Robertsnot me :( tried to tag – but no tags coming up for them!5 days ago

Charlee Thea TamanWell done Eileen im so jealous, hope you enjoy your hamper The Cook Italian Products really are brilliant5 days ago

Carl Harris JonesCongratulations Eileen this is a wonderful prize you’ve won5 days ago

Susan WilliamsonFeeling very JEALOUS xx4 days ago

Fay Dempsterwell done xx4 days ago

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MIDNIGHT tonight is the close of our Seasonal Suppers Hamper draw – please click here or the ‘Win’ tab above to be in it. A minor disaster: we broke (oops!) a Jamie dish so the final Hamper has a lovely dark blue Le Creuset dish instead. On this day of days, perspective helps; it’s easily sorted. Warmest regards to all. See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Lesley Ann Jensenliked entered and shared love ITALIAN FOOD2 weeks ago

Carolyn GardnerPerfect2 weeks ago

Juliette JonesJust love it2 weeks ago

Rosemary WattsLiked and shared, entered , I just love Italian Food yummy 😄2 weeks ago

Susan WilliamsonSausage casserole for me tonight, yum yum xx2 weeks ago

Lorraine CarterEven the best cooks have disasters in the kitchen-whatever dish is included in the hamper, its the good ingredients and the loving care put in making the meals that will matter!And I wouldn’t mind what dish if I won!1   ·  2 weeks ago

Sharron FoyleYummy Italian food is one of my favourite foods to eat x2 weeks ago

Nicky JonesThis is Such a Brilliant and Generous Giveaway Thank you Cook Italian Love the page and all the great competitions L&S Margaret Elizabeth2 weeks ago

Charlee Thea TamanSuch a Brilliant Giveaway thanks for the chance Cook Italian Kahlan Tomoss2 weeks ago

Julia LinsleyGreat prize1 week ago

Helen Basscan’t see ‘win’ tab??1 week ago

Leah TonnaLovely prize, but a day too late on post for me.1 week ago

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3 weeks ago

The trick to this Minestrone treat is to add some small pasta, like Cook Italian’s authentic Stelline stars, about 10 mins before you want to eat; you can of course use any pasta, ideally broken into smaller pieces. Looks fab served in a pumpkin if you have one to spare!

Still one more ‘Baking Dish’ Hamper to win – click the tab above to enter!
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3 weeks ago

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Christine Northropdone thanks3 weeks ago

Michelle PtakEntered, thanks x2 weeks ago

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Win some, win some: 3 ‘no show’ winners of Sept’s Easy Family Meals hampers means ‘2nd draw’ winners: Jan J, Swansea; Andrea M, Bangor & lucky-once-again Janet W from Loughton – who is our 2nd ‘2nd time’ winner, drawn 2nd. Is 2 your lucky number?! You will each have an email in your regular inbox. Please write soon…! :) See MoreSee Less

1 month ago

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Antonina HardyThis does not look appetising!1 month ago

Sharon RobertsKeep entering theses never my name :( Congrats winners!1 month ago

Jae ElisaPeople winning more than once? :(2   ·  1 month ago

Esther SharmaWell done x1 month ago

Linda Mibsy SellickLol, WTG winners, nice to see draws really are random,….am so not jealous of double winner, really I’m not lol xx1   ·  1 month ago

Cook ItalianHi, Jae Elisa; it’s amazing, isn’t it? You’re always welcome to enter any competition; only one entry per comp but draws are truly random. And we send ALL the promised prizes too so if the first winners don’t make contact despite all our efforts, after 14+ days we contact our ‘runners up’. We aim to be fair to all…after all, ‘authentic’ is what makes Cook Italian tick – and taste so great!1 month ago

Cook ItalianHi, Antonina Hardy, Apologies; it is really tasty so I am sorry the photo doesn’t do it justice. We will try harder! Thank you for your feedback.1   ·  1 month ago

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It’s definitely Autumn so how about a warming Bake in a stylish Jamie Oliver baking dish to welcome the new season? Click here to enter: or on the ‘Win’ tab above.

Congrats to our our final 3 September Hamper winners: Jill in Powys, Bill in Doncaster & Lisa in Hull; all have replied – thank you!
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2 months ago

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Joanne CoxDone2 months ago

Pamela Hutchinsonall done, fingers crossed x2 months ago

Rosemary WattsDone 🍴🍷2 months ago

Marie Jennsentered, liked and shared, good luck all ;-) x2 months ago

Helen HughesIm all in :-) this looks amazing don’t you think Caroline Virgo2 months ago

Mark MccafferyLiking it 2 months ago

Ann Zegveldt Hipwelllooking good x2 months ago

Patricia LoveLiked and shared2 months ago

Susan MarieLiked and shared to win 🍛🍚🍲🍝🍜2 months ago

Esther SharmaDone fingers crossed x2 months ago

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David Williamsliked and shared2 months ago

Lesley Ann JensenEntered liked and shared2 months ago

Mary Robinson DykesLiked and shared2 months ago

Andy WinfieldDone2 months ago

Joe WattsYou couldnt even fit his fat tongue in that dish let alone the rest of him…2 months ago

Sylvia RobbinsI hope my oven’s big enough and I love the hamper too.Gwen Carter Ann Pierce2 months ago

Maria HorsfieldLove Italian food love this prize :0)2 months ago

Priti Thakrar-Curtis:)2 months ago

Charlee Thea TamanBrilliant thank you for the chance. Kahlan Tomos2 months ago

Emma Chamberlainwow yes plz2 months ago

Dolores Thomsongreat :)2 months ago

Helen Belllovely, hope I win!!2 months ago

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