Authentic Italian ingredients from Italy, for real Italian taste.


The juiciest Italian vine tomatoes, grown to perfect ripeness on the sun-drenched plains of southern Italy, give authentic Italian flavour to every dish.
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Our Range

Authentic Italian Tomatoes, Passata & Purée, Italian Pasta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Grated Cheese, delicious Pasta Sauces and ’00’ grade flour Pizza Kit make up Cook Italian authentic range.
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pastaPasta Range

Made in Italy by family companies with 3 generation of passion and experience using Italian 100% Durum Wheat, our Pasta range has a shape and type to suit almost every taste.
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Recipe Suggestions

Browse our recipes by type of dish to find inspiration and ideas whenever you want to … Cook Italian!


We’re Social

Win a Cook Italian Valentine’s Hamper or the Cook Italian Hunts 10K run on June 15th on Alconbury’s former airfield…?

Or try for both: click on ‘Italian Food Lovers’ above, extended to this Sunday (1st March), AND go to Hunts10K, 3K and 1K Charity Runs to enter this historic run, and raise vital funds for local groups… and get a free Cook Italian goodie bag on the day! (
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2 days ago

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Debra RussellFab all done and shared2 days ago

Mandy TaylorAwesome <3 giveaway and opportunity to win great HAMPER perfect fantastic gifts would so love to win one of those for my :) :) DAUGHETR <3 <3 she would be in her ellment she PASTA Thank you for this great oppertunity .. finger crossed LIKED & SHARED . … Good Luck everyone xxxx2 days ago

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We’re LOVING February with another LOVELY Valentine’s Hamper … click or ‘Italian Food Lovers’ above for AMORE chances to win!

Winners Bonnie King in Nottingham and Oliver King in Manchester.. please check your emails for a LOVELY surprise!

Draw is midnight Sunday. Buona fortuna to all.
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4 days ago

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Lorna LeekALL DONE4 days ago

Sharon RobertsThanks entered 😘4 days ago

Julie Northlovely4 days ago

Tony Stlawrenceall done4 days ago

Leanne RhodesTried winning comps since you started out with no luck but I get married in May and my surname will be D’Amore which in my book is worth winning based on that lol xx1   ·  4 days ago

Jen Morganall done, thanks4 days ago

Alison HannsLol Leanne. Good luck! Entered, liked and shared. Maybe this time!4 days ago

Cathy Duncandone it thanks4 days ago

William WattDone4 days ago

Lorna Craigall done x4 days ago

Teresa ThomasDone, liked and shared4 days ago

Sandra Thomasdone liked n shared4 days ago

Linda RobinsonLovely4 days ago

Melanie BastianielloI`ll have a go at this :-)4 days ago

Simon Alison VickermanLiked and shared4 days ago

Hester A McQueenall done3 days ago

Marko VukovićFantastico 🍴🇮🇹❤️🍀3 days ago

Madeleine AppletonEntered, thanks3 days ago

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LOVE this week’s Hamper LOVE comp? Draw is midnight Sunday: or click ‘Italian Food Lovers’ above – good luck!

More Good News: almost all our range is on offer in Tesco right now including our premium Bronze Die pasta (2 packs for £2) & deliciously tomato-y Pasta Sauces (now £1.70 or 2 for £2.50). Our award-winning Gran Fruttato Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a new lower price too. (Prices checked on 12/2/15.) All authentically Italian!

Share the love… & Cook Italian… for a Happy Valentine!
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2 weeks ago

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Julie ClarkFab! liked and shared thanks :-)2 weeks ago

Samantha Rebecca Michelle Bates👌2 weeks ago

Samantha McDonoughFingers crossed.2 weeks ago

Dolores Thomsongreat :)2 weeks ago

Debra Russellfab liked and shared Nanny G Fletcher Maynard Kirsten Melville2 weeks ago

Sharon Smithliked and shared,entered2 weeks ago

Alison HannsLiked, shared, entered and me want, me want, me want, me want…you get the picture! Lol2 weeks ago

Sharon RobertsDone :) crossing fingers and toes!!2 weeks ago

Karen Sharplove it x2 weeks ago

Christine CaseLovely. xx2 weeks ago

Oliver EdwardBrilliant Competition You lead where others follow Thank you for offering such a generous Prize L&S Margaret Elizabeth2 weeks ago

Beverley Shuttfab liked and shared x#2 weeks ago

Valerie SmithFingers crossed2 weeks ago

Jackie Jacqueline Chapmansuper!2 weeks ago

Jennifer Davies2 weeks ago

Lee StokesLiked&shared
Thank u2 weeks ago

Julie Parker NeeOremekEntered. Looks like a fab prize.2 weeks ago

Charlee Thea TamanThank you for a Great Giveaway L&S Kahlan Tomos2 weeks ago

Arabella Stella JamesThank you this is a Wonderful page and a Brilliant Giveaway L&S Thomas James2 weeks ago

Margaret ElizabethGreat Big Thank you to everyone involved in running this page and This Wonderful Competition it’s been great fun entering. L&S Louise Kathryn Jones2 weeks ago

Kahlan TomosThis is Such a Wonderful page with some Great Posts & I Love the competition Thank you L&S Maple James2 weeks ago

Louise Kathryn JonesThank you this is a Wonderful page with a Brilliant Giveaway if I win I’m going to name all my children after you L&S Margaret Elizabeth2 weeks ago

Mansel DavidGreat Page with a wonderful Competition, Fingers crossed it’s going to be a Lucky year for both of us. Thank you Liking and Sharing Kahlan Tomos2 weeks ago

Maple JamesThis is such a Fabulous Page with a Wonderful Competition Thank you liking and sharing Thomas James2 weeks ago

Thomas JamesIf everyone had your Facebook address there would be no more sadness, Thanks for a great competition L&S Arabella Stella James2 weeks ago

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New Competition closes Sunday: or click ‘Italian Food Lovers’ above – Happy Valentine!
Last week’s Hamper on it’s way to…Tracey Belcher… with love!
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3 weeks ago

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Wendy Jayne ProcterGrazie :-) x3 weeks ago

Samantha McDonoughFingers crossed x3 weeks ago

Alison TurnnidgeCongratulations Tracey. Good Luck All :)2   ·  3 weeks ago

Lorna LeekAll done fingers and toes are crossed3 weeks ago

Danielle RankineEntered thank you :)3 weeks ago

Grahame ForsterGrahame Forster–Entered- Fingers Crossed.3 weeks ago

Sharon RobertsEntered thanks.3 weeks ago

Susan DayEntered yummy prize xx3 weeks ago

Rosemary WattsDone and entered ,need something to cheer me up 😍1   ·  3 weeks ago

Karen Arnoldentered fingers crossed3 weeks ago

Julia NelsonLiked, shared & entered, fab, thank you :)3 weeks ago

Elizabeth DeansDone x3 weeks ago

Helen KrantLiked, shared & entered. Good luck everyone :-)3 weeks ago

Patricia LoveLiked and shared.3 weeks ago

Eva Marie FisherThanks for the fab giveaway 💟1   ·  3 weeks ago

Debra Russellfab loved liked and shared :)3 weeks ago

Brian Harringtonliked, shared & entered … I would love to cook my wonderful wife an Italian meal .. I do ost of the cooking :) :) :)1   ·  3 weeks ago

Carol WestLooks very yummy.3 weeks ago

Silvia Zimboneso lovely!3 weeks ago

Margaret Hamiltonliked and shared Linda Mibsy Sellick Kevin Carnes Janie McColl Nicola Louise Rowson2   ·  3 weeks ago

Sheila Coffeyliked and shared with Gary Gratton3 weeks ago

Kirsten MelvilleAll done x3 weeks ago

Kevin CarnesThis is equally as beautiful as the lady I would like to receive it. Thanks for the chance.1   ·  3 weeks ago

Julie Clarkentered liked and shared thanks :-) Denise Molyneux Karen Turner3 weeks ago

Liz DuncanThat’s Amore!3 weeks ago

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Valentine Cook Italian Hampers to WIN in February … or click ‘Italian Food Lovers’ above – best of luck! See MoreSee Less

4 weeks ago

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Leanne RhodesNice tried every competition since you guys joined and hope this one I’m lucky…. Especially as the man I’m marrying in may(the love of my life) has the surname D’Amore 😍4 weeks ago

Liz HarveyYou cannot possibly give full postal address and postcode using only 8 characters as stated!!2   ·  4 weeks ago

Leanne RhodesPut number and postcode together that’s what I did xx1   ·  4 weeks ago

Jane WillisYour form asks for full address and postcode yet only allows 8 characters – exactly enough for my postcode2   ·  4 weeks ago

Wendy Jayne ProcterFab! Thanks for the chance :-) x4 weeks ago

Tamsin Jayne WooldridgeNicola Wooldridge Jonathan Walker4 weeks ago

Sharon Smithliked and shared,entered4 weeks ago

Rachel QuinnThe competition form is not right as you only have 8 characters for addresses which is not enough…2   ·  4 weeks ago

Debbie Rennieliked n shared <34 weeks ago

Evelyne Hoggdone cant put full adress2   ·  4 weeks ago

William WattDone4 weeks ago

Elizabeth Dean… Mmm my kind of hamper4 weeks ago

Eric Woodsenter liked&shared so good luck everyone4 weeks ago

Alison TurnnidgeDone but have only put postcode not enough characters for full address1   ·  4 weeks ago

Christine Northropasked for my full address but could only enter postcode1   ·  4 weeks ago

Julie Northyou only have 8 characters for address its not enough1   ·  4 weeks ago

Evette Gabriella WilliamsEntered hopefully4 weeks ago

Lynne SmithError on form, can’t fill in address :(1   ·  4 weeks ago

Karen Sharplove it all done x4 weeks ago

Elizabeth DeansDone but was only able to enter postcode x4 weeks ago

Ruth MajorHow fab! All done! Check out this lovely hamper Rich Sollick Gareth Karen Cox Michelle Treliving Ems Petre4 weeks ago

Julie ClarkLovely! thanks :-) (only room for my post code) Denise Molyneux Karen Peaurt1   ·  4 weeks ago

Carol EmmettThe form only has 8 characters for the full address! So I’ve only entered my postcode.1   ·  4 weeks ago

Lorraine RiversThe form will not let me enter my full address and postcode as requested?1   ·  4 weeks ago

Tracey Ryderonly entered postcode1   ·  4 weeks ago

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2 months ago

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Daniel ZwickeLEARN HOW to MAKE Your Own SUACE !!! Recipes from Renowned Italian American Cookbook Author DANIEL BELLINO "Z" … SUNDAY SAUCE "WHEN ITALIAN-AMERICNAS COOK"…1   ·  3 weeks ago

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Our 11th & 12th Christmas Hamper winners are near-neighbours Maxine Fuller in Dudley & Rosemary Husbands in Sutton Coldfield. Our emails are with you – congrats! New Draws soon; meanwhile…. See MoreSee Less

2 months ago

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George HirrelMissed out again. never mind.2 months ago

Alison HannsCongratulations to winners. Will keep trying to win! Happy new year everyone 😃2 months ago

Linda Mibsy SellickRosemary Jayne Husbands is this you?1   ·  2 months ago

Rosemary Jayne HusbandsYes!! Thank you so much for the email Debbie Thomassen!! :-D :-D I WON!! YAY!!!!!!! Grazie mille :-D1   ·  2 months ago

Gill GrayCongratulations cuz (Rosemary Jayne Husbands)2 months ago

Enny ArthurNo Need to Knead: Handmade Italian Breads in 90 Minutes

Hardcover: 260 pages
Publisher: Hyperion; 1 edition
Language: English
Format : pdf-ebooks

This sumptuous collection of recipes for eighty of Dunaways best loved breadsfilled with her wonderful illustrationsoffers recipes for such classic Italian breads as Focaccia, Filoncino, and Pane Casereccio (Housewifes Bread) and also traditional American breads like Skillet Cornbread and Sourdough Biscuits. With Dunaways revolutionary methods for easy baking, everyone can have his or her breadand make it, too!

Get free Download Click here : months ago

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Is it YOUR turn to win a Cook Italian Hamper?! Click below or tab above before MIDNIGHT today for a chance to win our 12th Hamper of Christmas!

Packed with deliciously authentic Italian food for true Italian taste whenever you… Cook Italian. Buona Fortuna! Buon Natale & Felice Anno Nuovo. Have a fab festive season!
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2 months ago

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Chris JeansAmazing Prize ! (Y) Liked & Shared :-)2 months ago

Allan WorkmanDavid Workman2 months ago

Marina Hardingyes please2 months ago

Paul ElliottLooks awesome2 months ago

Julie Northfingers crossed2 months ago

Deborah NicholasAmazing. Liked and shared <32 months ago

Rachel Joseph RaybouldLiked and entered fantastico ;-)2 months ago

Marko Vuković🇮🇹🍴❤️❄️🍀2 months ago

Rachel GilbeyEntered. Merry Christmas2 months ago

Steve Dede HardingSweet2 months ago

Julie Collinsliked and shared2 months ago

Tracey WoodsLovely2 months ago

Yvonne ParryDone, fingers crossed!2 months ago

Elaine Quinnheres wishing !2 months ago

Nicola BrittainWould be great !2 months ago

Annette Edgardone and shared2 months ago

Evelyne Hoggdone x2 months ago

Alexandra Dixon-MershFingers crossed2 months ago

Claire Jamie GrayMERRY CHRISTMAS!! Liked and happily shared with ALL my friends! thankyou so much xx2 months ago

Leanda BaileyLovely2 months ago

Janice LynchMerry Christmas2 months ago

Tony Stlawrenceall done2 months ago

Crystal SummersALL DONE XX2 months ago

Janet McdonaldALL DONE2 months ago

Margaret Bradshawdone.2 months ago

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