Authentic Italian ingredients from Italy, for real Italian taste.


The juiciest Italian vine tomatoes, grown to perfect ripeness on the sun-drenched plains of southern Italy, give authentic Italian flavour to every dish.
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Our Range

Authentic Italian Tomatoes, Passata &Β PurΓ©e, Italian Pasta, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Grated Cheese, delicious Pasta Sauces and ’00’ grade flour Pizza Kit make up Cook Italian authentic range.
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pastaPasta Range

Made in Italy by family companies with 3 generation of passion and experience using Italian 100% Durum Wheat, our Pasta range has a shape and type to suit almost every taste.
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Recipe Suggestions

Browse our recipes by type of dish to find inspiration and ideas whenever you want to … Cook Italian!


We’re Social

Yet another chance to WIN!!! 4 more Hampers til Christmas. or tab above; packed with truly authentic Italian goodies and treats. Winner of Hamper 8 is Alex Wenham – congrats, Alex & buona fortuna to all!
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2 days ago

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Julie Powellall done x2 days ago

Shesgotlegs JonesAll done x2 days ago

Barry MarksAll done2 days ago

Sue CottonLovely!2 days ago

Kristin Brown DanzeisenAll done2 days ago

Margaret HamiltonFab2 days ago

Beverley ShuttEntered liked and shared x2 days ago

Ashlea KnightLiked, LOVED and shared <32 days ago

Debra RussellFAB ALL DONE AGAIN :)2 days ago

Emma MatthewsThis would be perfect :-)2 days ago

Emma MatthewsAmanda Davis2 days ago

Chloe Huntysgirl BaileyMerry crimbo xxx2 days ago

Danielle RankineEntered! Happy Christmas! :)2 days ago

Janie B CoxDone xx2 days ago

Esther SharmaAll done merry Christmas πŸŽ… πŸŽ„ x2 days ago

Julie Northyes please2 days ago

Alex Sparkle WenhamThankyou so much Cook Italian i cannot wait to see it x3   ·  2 days ago

Rosemary WattsI love Italian food yummy 😊2 days ago

Karen Sharplove it all done x2 days ago

Heidi YoungYummy!2 days ago

Caroline PerryLovely x2 days ago

Naiomi Suchitbella bella2 days ago

Maureen CameronAll done :)2 days ago

Lorna LeekYAY ALL DONE2 days ago

Madeleine AppletonDone2 days ago

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Hamper #8 now OPEN – closes midnight Weds. Please have another go … even if you are winner 6: Katrina Wakelin in Thame, or 7: Vanessa Cox in Aylesbury (almost neighbours!).

5 more Hampers to give away so please click here or Win tab above. Thank you for liking and sharing… season’s greetings and good luck!
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5 days ago

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Debra Russellfab all done :)5 days ago

Julie Northdone5 days ago

Peter HayhurstAll done, fingers crossed5 days ago

Janet Turnerdone5 days ago

Caroline Tedfordlovely Italian food coming up! Merry Christmas everyone!5 days ago

Foster Fosterall done.fingers crossed.5 days ago

Jean HaighDone5 days ago

Colin Andersonall done thank you5 days ago

Tina Youngliked and shared5 days ago

Sima Halimiliked shared entered5 days ago

Nicola Brittainall done5 days ago

Ruth MajorAll done, merry Christmas5 days ago

Melissa Crowexxxthanksxxxluckxx5 days ago

Susie JonesCongrats Vanessa Cox xxx1   ·  5 days ago

Judy ParkFingers crossed5 days ago

Linda StagnoBon Natalie5 days ago

Lou Chauddone5 days ago

Natalie Goslingcant wait
hope ive
won5 days ago

Maureen CameronDone (y)5 days ago

Dawn Addleseeall done and merry Christmas xx5 days ago

Eva FisherDone And fingers crossed5 days ago

Katrina WakelinThank you so much5 days ago

Tony Stlawrencedone5 days ago

Vicky RoweLiked, shared and entered. X5 days ago

Emma Chamberlainlovely x5 days ago

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1 week ago

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Barbara CooperLove Italian food1 week ago

Linda Frylike & shsred1 week ago

Claire GrowcootItalian Food mmmmmmm!1 week ago

Julie FoleyGorgeous.1 week ago

Robert MilesGreat Italian food 🍴1 week ago

Hester A McQueenShared again6 days ago

Amelia Avossai will win one year lol1   ·  6 days ago

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Announcing our 6th Hamper of Christmas, to be drawn Friday night; and 7th on Sunday night; announcement Monday. Good luck! or Win tab above.

Lynne Huffam in Radlett is our 5th Hamper winner – please check your emails so we can send your hamper pronto.

Please enter as many Draws as you like, once per Draw… there are 12 Draws in total, so plenty more chances to win!
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1 week ago

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Samantha GoodshipHow do you enter?1   ·  1 week ago

Cook ItalianThe Calendar Countdown… hope it helps!1 week ago

Charlotte WiddowsIs there a link1 week ago

Lesley YaleCant seem to find a link to enter πŸ˜’1 week ago

Alison TurnnidgeOh I keep forgetting to enter this, Congratulations to all the lucky winners so far.1 week ago

Elizabeth DeansDone xx1 week ago

Stephen YatesEntered1 week ago

Sandra WilsonLiked and shared1 week ago

Vicky HallDone x1 week ago

Valerie ThompsonLiked, shared and entered. :-)1 week ago

Elizabeth Jamessame1 week ago

Jean BirrellHave tried but cannot get lonk1 week ago

Lesley DaviesLovely1 week ago

Sue BeswickLiked shared and entered1 week ago

Julie Northyes please1 week ago

Lorna Leekliked shared and entered1 week ago

Lorna Kennedy:-)1 week ago

Julie HunterMama Mia!..Bellissimo..Fab in every way. .Entered, liked, loved & shared..Jill Conlan Becky Earnshaw Angela Senior Julie Davies Onth Baker xπŸŽ„1 week ago

Lelia StocksBellissimo!1 week ago

Ellie PhoenixThank You :)1 week ago

Melissa Crowexxluckxx1 week ago

Evelyne Hoggdone1 week ago

Esther SharmaAll done merry Christmas πŸŽ…πŸŽ„πŸŽ1 week ago

Kahlan TomosThank you Cook Italian this is a Fantastic Christmas Competition Liking and Sharing Maple James1 week ago

Donna WardEntered, liked and shared xx1 week ago

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Our 5th Hamper of Christmas Draw is OPEN: closes midnight Weds.

Packed with scrummy Cook Italian goodies and a Panettone… all authentically Italian … of course.

Winners! Friday’s Hamper 3: Steven Morris, Southwell, Notts; Sunday’s Hamper 4: Melanie Harbor, Bracknell: pls check your emails. Your Hampers are here; we need your reply within 21 days.

Ian Metcalfe & Warren Light: pls email us so we can send yours too.

Please enter as many Draws as you like, once per Draw. Buona Fortuna!
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2 weeks ago

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Marazban MaroliaLike to win2 weeks ago

Karen Sharpwell done2 weeks ago

Lisa SargentL&S thank you :)2 weeks ago

Emma Chamberlainloved shared x2 weeks ago

Sarah SturmanYes please x2 weeks ago

Nina Langford JozwinLiked and shared2 weeks ago

Gemma InmanLiked and shared x2 weeks ago

Sharon WilliamsDone2 weeks ago

Linda Hobbisliked and shared2 weeks ago

Maria HorsfieldLiked and sharing :-)2 weeks ago

Richard Southwelldone2 weeks ago

Orla Griffinliked & shared πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸŽ„2 weeks ago

Jane BarrettLiked and shared .xx.2 weeks ago

Lynne BauldLiked and shared x2 weeks ago

Sharon BaughOoh yes please2 weeks ago

Kali FilsellOur family would love this hamper x2 weeks ago

Michelle BettsYes please x2 weeks ago

Gill FaichneyFaB.:)2 weeks ago

Leanne KendrickWow thanks for the chance x2 weeks ago

Di CoupeyNom nom nom2 weeks ago

Eileen LiddingtonLiked and shared2 weeks ago

Lorna Leekplease2 weeks ago

Janet HillWow!!2 weeks ago

Kerry-Anne BrintLiked and shared x2 weeks ago

Samantha Rebecca Michelle BatesπŸ‘Œ2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

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Julie HunterHo ho ho Bellissimo! Entered, liked, loved & shared..Buon Natale..Jill Conlan Becky Earnshaw Angela Senior Julie DaviesOnth Baker.xxx1   ·  2 weeks ago

Claire Louise MurdenLorraine Elkin
Emily Kirkham
Jennifer Clarke
Sam Bennett
Cassy Ellen Murden3   ·  2 weeks ago

Sharon Smithliked and shared,entered2 weeks ago

Graham NewburyLiked and shared too2 weeks ago

Jay Parkerentered liked and shared2 weeks ago

Esther SharmaEntered and shared remind me of our honeymoon in Italy β›²2 weeks ago

Elizabeth DeansEntered Liked & Shared x2 weeks ago

Eva FisherThanks for the Christmas Advent"2 weeks ago

Judith HamiltonDone, thank you.2 weeks ago

Karen Sharplove it all done x2 weeks ago

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William GouldEntered, liked and shared with friends!2 weeks ago

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Deana LewisDone :)2 weeks ago

Lesley Ann JensenAll done2 weeks ago

Michelle GriffinHo ho ho its off to Italy I go for a Christmas feast :-) good luck everyone1   ·  2 weeks ago

Massimiliano ManganaroEntered2 weeks ago

Rita PinderEntered, bella bella.2 weeks ago

Sue CottonL&S2 weeks ago

Tracey ForsterWould like a little bit of Italy2 weeks ago

Christine CaseWould love to win. xx2 weeks ago

Arabella Stella JamesThank you to everyone involved in running this page & the christmas
advent competition, its great fun and we really do appreciate all your
hard work. Thomas James2 weeks ago

Silvia Zimbonelovely2 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

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Gemma Cbm ChesneyFine x3 weeks ago

John Derek ThompsonEntered, liked & shared <3 Valerie Thompson3 weeks ago

Lorraine RogersLiked and shared and entered3 weeks ago

Tracey WoodsLovely1   ·  3 weeks ago

Katiie DobbinsYes please. Xx3 weeks ago

Dolores Thomsonlooks so yummy! :)3 weeks ago

Simon WheelerThe link to the terms and conditions doesn’t work… so can’t read them!3 weeks ago

Rita PinderAll done, bellisimo.3 weeks ago

Tracey Druceentered & shared3 weeks ago

Lorna LeekENTERED liked shared finger toes and everything else crossed x3 weeks ago

Kate DugherPhilippa Daniel3 weeks ago

Jackie Sonia BrownEntered n shared3 weeks ago

Nina Langford JozwinYes please ~ Γ—3 weeks ago

Ellen Hibbertdone thank you xx3 weeks ago

Sue MessiterEntered hope to be lucky3 weeks ago

Frances N Alfonso GiacobbeDone!3 weeks ago

Melissa Crowexxxluckx3 weeks ago

Sandra SmithLiked n shared3 weeks ago

Kirsty TippettAll done πŸŽπŸŽ„3 weeks ago

Lorna IrvineDONE3 weeks ago

Helene Stoneyes please3 weeks ago

Elizabeth DeansDone xx3 weeks ago

Tracey ParsonsMe pls.x3 weeks ago

Eva FisherThanks for the fab Xmas Advent1   ·  3 weeks ago

Marko VukoviΔ‡Entered πŸ΄βœ”οΈβ„οΈβ€οΈπŸ€3 weeks ago

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You could WIN a Christmas Hamper today!

The 1st of our 12 Hampers of Christmas will be drawn at MIDNIGHT tonight, each packed with delicious Italian foods from Cook Italian plus seasonal treats like Panettone or Amaretti or Biscotti: everything authentically made in Italy… of course!

Click here or the Win tab above to enter: one entry per Draw, and as many of the 12 Draws as you like.

Buona Fortuna & Buon Natale!
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3 weeks ago

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Roz DanterDue to the fact that there seems to be no other way to enter this I am just saying that I would like to be entered into the draw. The links dont give you any other way to do it :D1   ·  3 weeks ago

Irene Coxliked ,shared and entered3 weeks ago

Liz RoseThis link leads to your autumn competition which is closed!3 weeks ago

Charlotte LoveslifeSonja Roovers Deborah Garwood3 weeks ago

Colin Andersonall done thank you3 weeks ago

Gemma RoweI just entered. Go onto the page and there is a tab at the top (win a christmas hamper), click that and gives you a form to fill out. xx3 weeks ago

Diane Careyentered, thanks :)3 weeks ago

Karolina WisniewskaI can’t enter 😩3 weeks ago

Dolores ThomsonGREAT PRIZE!3 weeks ago

Linda GallonJust entered3 weeks ago

Kim MaidenWill you be announcing the winners on facebook? Entered…thanks3 weeks ago

Carole NixonThat looks lovely!3 weeks ago

Stephanie LearYummy, I’ve entered x3 weeks ago

Carl Harris JonesThanks Cook Italian this would be wonderful3 weeks ago

Marie PomeroyFantastic liked and shared3 weeks ago

Janet HillWow lovely!!3 weeks ago

Joanne MappYes please3 weeks ago

Charlotte ClavierAll done x3 weeks ago

Lorna Leekall done always enter as never win lol good luck all3 weeks ago

Mandie TaplinEntered3 weeks ago

Patricia Loveliked and shared3 weeks ago

Janet DalyFingers crossed3 weeks ago

William WattDone3 weeks ago

Kathryn MossDelizioso!3 weeks ago

Shesgotlegs JonesDone3 weeks ago

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